Southbridge Advisory Group Inc.

Since 1990 Southbridge has assisted clients in creating best solutions for business challenges they are facing. The Southbridge team offers years of successful executive management of both private and public companies in a diverse business sector. The team’s experience is combined with the Southbridge history in strategic planning, operational process and sales improvement, restructuring, and turn-around engagements.


Our services are designed to provide improvement in cash-flows, liquidity, and return on capital. Our process is focused in mentoring and facilitating your team for enhanced effectiveness and innovation. Our purpose is to assist you with development and implementation of your improvements that are uniquely tailored to your enterprise. The Client rather than SAG own the problems. Through the SAG collaborative implementation process, the client owns the resulting solutions.

Management Advisory Services Include:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Planning and Development
  • Operations and Process Improvement
  • Performance and Diagnostic Measurement
  • Finance and Accounting Review and Enhancement
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Analysis and Assessment
  • Business flow Analysis and Assessment
  • Systems and Processes Implementation
Southbridge management advisory services are typically utilized in three arenas:
  • Companies that desire to improve their cash-flow, assets and overall profitability. SAG assists with specific immediate and long-term initiatives that meet ownership’s objectives.
  • Investment groups and small-cap public companies with needed management implementation for growth or development success.
  • Companies that need “turn around” or restructuring assistance.

Southbridge offers confidential consultation to explore possible needs and solutions for both privately-held and small-cap public companies. We strive to create enhanced value for today and provide guidance for tomorrow.