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Incident Management

Normal business is what you are good at, what you expect to happen every day and what you have planned and budgeted for.  Incidents are different; they are unwanted and unexpected. Leading an emergency response is different than leading or managing normal business

In addition, we all know that emergency response has a direct negative impact to your organization.  However, your response has the ability to positively or negatively influence public perception, regulatory oversite and organizational sustainability.

That’s where we can help

We help you significantly reduce your response costs $$$

How? We offer key staff response expertise. Sr. Director Jerry Niblett has over 30 years of Emergency Management experience encompassing municipal fire response at Wichita KS to his most recent executive position as National Director Sunoco Logistics and Incident Commander over Sunoco’s Incident Management Team. As a result, Jerry has responded as IC to 100’s of emergency incidents.


We all know these emergency incidents costs vary from tens of thousands of dollars to tens of millions of dollars – sometimes more!  Jerry’s ability to comprehensively understand response requirements removes all the guess work and no more waste. Waste in unproductive man hours, Waste in unnecessary response equipment and waste in extended response activities.


Jerry’s success as the IC for a national major oil company derived from his ability to cut the typical daily burn rate by more than 50% and an overall reduction in response activities by weeks.


Cost reduction examples of recent major responses where Jerry served as IC:

Oak Glen Nature Preserve.  Upon arrival, the daily response burn rate was in excess of $600,000.  In two days, the daily response burn rate was reduced to $250,000 and by day five reduced to $125,000.  Initial response assessment indicated the response would last eight to ten weeks of more.  Under Jerry’s command the incident was demobilized in just over three weeks. Estimated savings of greater than $10,000,000.


Lake Caddo – Texas’ only natural lake. Approximately 189,000 gals of crude oil released into Tete Bayou, a major tributary to Lake Caddo, one week prior to Pro Bass tournament. Initial response, days 1-3, burn rate was in excess of $300,000.  Upon arrival, daily response burn rate was reduced to $125,000. Initial estimated response was five to six weeks. Under Jerry’s command response was demobilized in three weeks. Estimated savings greater than $4,000,000.


Historically, once on scene, we average a daily tactical response cost reduction of 50% within three days

We provide our clients services to help make their response to disasters and emergencies more efficient and effective. Our response expert can provide tactical advise to augment existing organization emergency Incident Command structure or partner as your Incident Commander (IC) building and facilitating your response – depending on your individual circumstances or needs.

Why Southbridge

It’s simple.

  • Our Service – We will be your IC partner and manage the response and the responding organization(s) for you. Our knowledge and experience drives efficiency and as a result a lower cost response.
  • Our Competency – The exhaustive experience of Southbridge IC drives down response cost through efficient solution mitigation
  • Our Knowledge – Comprehensive understanding of NIMS and IC structure requirements and regulatory compliance
  • Our Exposure – Working knowledge of third party response organizations and the staffing requirements for incident size.
  • Our Experience – in all types of industries and with private and public responders
  • We Work For You – Training cannot replace experience when it comes to a crises. We pride ourselves in being the solution to the problem.



Jerry Niblett has a B.S. in Quality Management from Friends University Wichita KS graduating with honors. As a National Director, Jerry has had P/L responsibility for 9 corporate operational business units as a result he recognizes the need for efficiency. With his years of Incident management, he comprehensively understands response requirements and can quickly staff a response to be efficient, swift and tactical.

  • 30 plus years of emergency response
  • IC within a municipal fire service organization serving a population in excess to 300,000
  • IC over an industrial response brigade consisting over 100 members
  • IC over numerous industrial multi-million dollar incidents
    • Refinery/Petro Chemical Facility
    • Natural gas pipelines
    • Crude oil pipelines
    • Hurricane Ike
  • Fire Service Instructor
  • Hazardous Materials Instructor
  • High Angle Instructor



  • Incident Command
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Fire Service Instructor
  • Hazardous Materials Instructor
  • Radiation Safety Officer
  • High Angle Rescue Instructor
  • American Society Safety Engineers
  • Hazardous Materials Specialist
  • Industrial fire protection LSU
  • Industrial fire school Texas A&M
  • 49CFR-HM126F
  • Incident investigation
  • Firefighter 1
  • Firefighter 2
  • Advanced High angle rescue specialist