Senior Associates
Southbridge Advisory Group Inc.

Ron Brewer – Managing Director

Mr. Brewer has served as Managing Director of Southbridge Business Resources since 1990. Southbridge is a boutique management group with a primary focus in management services and merger / acquisition representation. Ron has experience in a broad spectrum of business disciplines in both public and private sectors; they include: manufacturing & distribution, health services, energy, environmental, technology driven products, real estate, marketing, and non-profit entities.

Management services performed by Southbridge are typically m

mpany turnaround or launch, and post-acquisition implementation. These services have been performed in both the private and small cap public sector. In turnaround situations Southbridge brings needed changes and implementations into an organization assisting them in meeting defined improvement targets. In launch or post-acquisition environments the Company will implement systems and staff, creating an operating unit that meets defined benchmarks of performance. A specialty focus is consolidation of companies, in a synergistic market niche, where Southbridge services utilized are M & A, funding, and management implementation.

Prior to 1990 Mr. Brewer served as President of Mid-Continent Companies, which was a multiple division enterprise that grew ten-fold from 1980 until 1990 through acquisition, start-up and growth of internal revenue opportunities.

Ron has created and facilitated all steps in formation of emerging public companies to include; merger & acquisition, capital procurement, public formation, and management implementation.

Jerry Niblett – Partner

Mr. Niblett brings over 25 years of management success in oil & gas operations for both corporate and small-cap enterprise. His management expertise includes executive management in the energy sector, as well as direct management in disciplines that include; operations, maintenance, lean, emergency management, compliance, safety, environmental & hazardous materials, training, and exploration. His corporate employment includes; Dominion Energy, Texaco, Shell, Energy Transfer and Sunoco Pipeline LP where he served as a national director.
As part of a corporate turnaround team, Jerry helped structure an organizational growth from $37,000,000 EBITDA to $1,000,000,000 EBITDA in 8 years and had direct management responsibilities for annual budgets in excess of $500,000,000.

Energy sectors in which Jerry has participated include; petro-chemical refining, natural gas compression, crude oil pipeline and storage, oil & gas exploration, and business development within oil & gas products and services.

Jerry excels in creating, planning, implementing and maintaining needed or desired business divisions, and processes that enhance existing business disciplines. His vision and communication abilities are invaluable in emerging growth companies for creating initial launch stability and long-term success.

Mr. Niblett holds a B.S. degree in Total Quality Management graduating with honors. He is well credentialed in various disciplines within the energy field. Jerry is both a writer and editor within industry publications, noted operations management speaker, and is affiliated with multiple industry and civic organizations. Mr. Niblett has maintained a long term personal commitment to humanitarian and societal efforts that he feels can make a difference in people’s lives both in the United States and abroad.


John Rabbitt – Senior Associate

John’s extensive and diverse background in business evolved through consistent promotion and growth within fortune 500 firms including The Pillsbury Company and PepsiCo, in addition to the CPA firm of Ernst and Ernst. This experience is enhanced by a twenty year career with one of America’s most successful Entrepreneurs (Forbes 102nd wealthiest U.S.A. person in 2008) where John was directly involved with numerous acquisitions and served in executive capacities for several multi-national subsidiaries. John played a key role in assisting the growth of MEI Corporation from $20 million annual revenue to $850 million annual revenue in nine years, at which time it was acquired by PepsiCo.
Mr. Rabbitt has served in CEO/COO and CFO positions for firms ranging from $5,000,000 to $300,000,000 annual revenue. As well as serving as a member of PepsiCo’s Mid-West Advisory Board, and as a Director and Secretary/Treasurer of their largest canning division.

John has a proven track record in both fast–growth and turn-around environments. Previous experience includes several notable projects:

  • Barker Lemar Engineering where he was responsible for the restructuring and strategic growth of the company which resulted in 327% pre-tax growth within eight months.
  • Served as the corporate Executive Vice President of MEI Diversified as well as Senior Executive Vice President with direct responsibility for finance, operations and strategic planning to include mergers and acquisitions for $300,000,000 annual sales and 22,000 employees.
  • Re-designed financial systems, reporting and sales / marketing for L’Anza Research International resulting in sales growth of 100% over three years while reducing cost of operation by over 20%.
  • Financial management assistance, strategic planning and merger / acquisition assistance for multiple companies that include Greater Dallas Homeland Security Alliance, Zone Innovations, The Comb Group, Exit Solutions and Power Pulse Technology.

Mr. Rabbitt’s education includes a BBA in Accounting and Business from Drake University, graduate work at Xavier University in Cincinnati, and PepsiCo’s Management Institute.

Rex Washburn – Senior Associate

Rex offers 23 years of senior management experience with 17 of those years as CEO. Mr. Washburn has in-depth experience in international franchising and is recognized as a corporate structural and “turnaround” specialists.
Rex has success experience both as franchisor and franchisee. His specialty focus is turn-key franchise development requiring structuring, implementation and sales / marketing

Noteworthy accomplishments include; tenure as CEO of a franchise voted “Top 50 Growth Franchise” for two consecutive years by Entrepreneur Magazine, development of over 10 national and international formation companies and systems, CEO of a public company that had profit growth for seven consecutive years, and CEO of a multi-national public company “turnaround” doubling its size after restructure.

Rex received a BBA in finance from Regis University and a MS in Economics from the University of Edinburg. Rex was a Navy Seal in his military service.

Michael La Lond – Senior Associate

Mike offers over twenty-five years of experience in process design and improvement, implementation of analytical applications and best practices at companies ranging in size from eleven billion in annual sales to five million in annual sales. Mr. La Lond offers executive expertise in Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Budgeting and Planning, Forecasting Financial Consolidation, Manufacturing and Employee Development.
Mike’s education includes: BS in Business and Education, MS in Business Management, and Doctorate in Business Law and Finance.

Noteworthy accomplishments include:

  • CFO-CEO for seven start-up companies under the umbrella of a holding company privately held by a single investor. Created the processes, designed the businesses models, identified the financial requirements and managed the day to day financial and operational management of the seven companies.
  • Vice President, General Manager of a specialized polymer manufacture. Reorganized the company, implementing new manufacturing processes, rebuilt the distributor network and worked with the chemists and research department to introduce new products with very successful results readying the company for divestiture.
  • Division Manager of Moorman Manufacturing, a billion dollar annual revenue company
  • After a rapid ascension through the management ranks and establishing company performance records; Mike functioned as one of a seven executives to manage and reorganize a century old company with over one and half billion dollars in annual sales.
  • Created new processes for the handling of information as part of a large reorganization for Bush Brothers (Bush Beans).
  • Facilitated the identification of the processes and procedures from seventy five HR managers for the SAP implementation of an eleven billion dollar company. (Anheiser Busch).
  • Designed the training materials necessary to support the SAP implementation. (Nike).
  • Designed a satellite distribution system with master distributors for a hundred million dollar animal health equipment company.
  • Created a process for manufacturing and shipping concentrated products to the master satellite distributors, reducing costs, increasing sales and profit (Babson Brothers).
  • Functioned as contract management for the facilitation, process design merging five environmental companies into one corporation and managed several of the facilities.
  • Created all the processes and performed the day to management of a multimillion contract with the Department of Justice to handle the clean-up of Meth labs for the DEA.
  • Created the processes for a company to manufacture and ship a concentrated form of their product to satellite distributors, reducing manufacturing costs, reducing shipping costs, increasing market share and substantially increasing profits.
  • Designed a national telemarketing center. Developed all the processes and training materials to staff, train and operate the center. Increased sales and profits over 100% through increasing the sales team and management of the team.


Tammy Trotter – Marketing and Business Development Associate

Ms. Trotter has served in both General Management and Sales Management positions in the service industry and industrial sector offering over fifteen years of expertise. She has performed all aspects of marketing, insides sales, and direct sales efforts in the same fields. Tammy excels in developing fast-track business development programs that create desired results.

Ms. Trotter offers further expertise in facilitating streamlined, integrated administrative and accounting procedures for the small business sector.