Southbridge Advisory Group Inc.

Southbridge provides independent advisory services for small-cap public companies and privately held firms for best-fit funding solutions. The lifeblood of any size company is access to adequate capital within an appropriate structure to meet their specific need. Southbridge assists in evaluating and strategically procuring the most effective structures for meeting funding needs for growth, recapitalization / restructuring, merger / acquisition, or special projects.  Southbridge has relationships with a broad scope of funding networks, both nationally and internationally, in many disciplines that include:

Equity Investment

  • Institutional Investment
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Venture Capital Groups
  • Private Investors

Working Capital Financing

  • Asset based and Equity Lending
  • Account Receivable – Factoring – Inventory
  • Traditional Bank Lending
  • Small Business Administration Lending
  • State and Federal Programs
  • Specialty loan and grant programs

Senior Debt

  • Traditional Bank Lending
  • Institutional Financing
  • Private Banking

Equipment Leasing / Financing

Mezzanine / Subordinated Debt Financing

Commercial Real Estate Funding

Southbridge is typically success fee based.

Southbridge will confidentially explore potential funding solutions specific to your needs