Southbridge Advisory Group Inc.

Capital Advisory Engagements

  • $2,000,0000 formation capital for technology company formation and launch of public entity
  • Debt / Equity funding of over $8,000,000 for the acquisition of six companies offering environmental services to government, oil & gas, and industry merging them into AMEREX. Procurement of a $4,000,000 working capital line of credit.
  • Debt and equity procurement of $6,000,000 for the acquisition and consolidation of four industrial services companies for Southwest Equity Partners. Procurement $2,800,000 working capital line of credit.
  • $2,000,000 for launching funds and first acquisition of US Highland
  • Asset based financing for the divestiture of a $15,000,000 annual revenue Specialty Trailer Manufacturer
  • Asset based financing for recapitalization of a regional Concrete Company and Concrete Contracting Company totaling $5,500,000
  • Hard money real estate bridge financing for a $6,000,000 industrial real estate transaction
  • Hard money real estate bridge financing for a $3,500,000 Texas development project
  • Sub-prime financing for a south Texas tree farm totaling $4,800,000
  • Sub-prime financing for acquisition of four apartment projects located in southern California
  • Sub-prime refinancing for a 60,000 square foot shopping center located in northern California
  • Sub-prime refinancing for a 200 store convenience store entity
  • Hard money bridge of $8,200,000 for an interstate truck stop chain
  • Asset based recapitalization financing of $4,000,000 for a regional steel manufacturer
  • Equity and debt procurement of $6,000,000 for  $40,000,000 revenue specialty metals distributor
  • Sub-prime financing of 80 houses for acquisition and rehab
  • Real estate and asset financing of $12,000,000 for the acquisition and rehab two gas pipelines
  • Venture Capital procurement of $3,000,000 for an environmental products company
  • $750,000 mining equipment financing
  • Sub prime real estate and construction financing of $7,000,000 for a carbon steel fabrication facility
  • $1,600,000 sub-prime equipment financing for a construction company
  • $1,500,000 line of credit for a regional Manufacturer, Distributor & Dispenser of Hearing Devices