Southbridge Holdings
Southbridge Advisory Group Inc.

Southbridge Holdings, LLC

Southbridge Holdings LLC was formed in 2016 with our equity partners, to acquire privately held companies with $500,000 or greater annual EBITDA. We are seeking companies in growth market sectors, which are in need of growth, restructuring, or ownership exit strategy.  Utilizing our management team success experience, Southbridge serves as the Managing Partner, responsible for all direct overview management, defined profitability, and acquisition transactions.

Our Senior Associate team offers decades of experience in successfully operating and growing emerging companies; and taking companies to the next level in growth and market niche. SAG and our team have a proven track record in a broad spectrum of business disciplines in both public and private sectors that include: manufacturing / distribution, health services, energy, environmental / chemical, technology driven products and services, consumer and hospitality, franchising, and real estate.

Our first two acquisitions were:

RedHawke Energy Solutions – a company with proprietary waste oil recovery technology thru accelerated oil / water separation processes, which have be licensed and successfully utilized on five locations. RedHawke also holds green technology for the elimination of industrial and frack waters.

Earthlinc Environmental Solutions – an environmental services company with proprietary green coating systems for commercial roofing and flooring applications.

Our primary acquisition focus is; companies with $5,000,000 to $40,000,000 annual revenue with a minimum of $500,000 EBITDA, where our related experience offers enhanced ability to either restructure an opportunity for profitability or fulfill an emerging growth opportunity

Southbridge Holdings is actively reviewing available acquisitions in 2017.