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Southbridge Advisory Group Inc.

South Bridge Safety Solutions Division

Reduce incidents, stay in compliance and transform your safety culture with our safety solutions featuring versatile delivery methods backed with 30 plus years of training experience. Our safety systems integrates proven programs, real-world experience, engaging training content and advanced learning technologies that increase safety awareness and inspire safe behaviors.

South Bridge Safety Solutions (SBSS) services are scalable. We can provide a single training class or facilitate the development of a comprehensive safety management process.

SBSS Division Training Objectives Core Values:


  • Verifiable value added to your bottom line through –
  • Procedural Compliance
  • Communication
  • Competency
  • Efficiency
  • Focus

The key to the SBSS Initiative is to make safety, health and environmental excellence an “internal/personal value” with all levels of employees, thereby changing the safety culture.  As a consequence, safe behaviors are driven by the attitudes and beliefs of all employees and not by “external” drivers such as threats or rewards. We believe external driver programs have life spans and thus you are always looking for the newest niche. however, improvements in attitudes, behaviors and performance are sustainable.

What sets SBSS apart

Enjoyable: Foremost, delivery methodologies must be engaging, stimulating and motivating. Have you sat through training finding you mind wondering to the issues of the day and thinking to yourself, “when will this be over? or I’ve heard this 1000 times!” Not with SBSS. We have found that application of real world experiences, delivered professionally sprinkled with humor and precise moments of seriousness keeps participants engaged and desiring more.

People change behaviors through two means:

  1. Conditioning (continual training) which takes repetitiveness over a lengthy period of time.
  2. Significant emotional event (life changing) changes behaviors instantly – typically due to a negative event in one’s life.

SBSS has discovered the mechanism to deliver life changing training quickly and positively.

The merge of Safety Management with Quality Management equates to Operational Excellence – Focusing solely on a trending safety issue is analogous to focusing on a symptom of an illness.  Let us create employee awareness so not only is a hand injury eliminated, but also an operational upset potentially caused by the same employee.  Our unique methods combine safety management with quality management for a holistic approach to business behaviors.

Limited engagements: Our belief is to provide the best in class training with measurable results.  Creating Proactive employee behaviors will not only eliminate injuries before they can happen, but will ultimately translate to increased system reliability. To accomplish this SBSS believes we have to provide only the best. As a result, we limit the number of engagements so we can focus solely on your individual satisfaction

Integrated approach: We focus on behaviors and employee engagement.  Empowering employees with the knowledge and the awareness to stop the error chain in the early stages of development.

Ownership: Most safety consultants have never been responsible for P/L results or have felt the demands for improving business unit performance.  Having been a Director over nine business units for a Fortune 100 company with accompanying P/L responsibility for > 500MM budget and success being defined by my ability to execute organizational turnaround, I understand the drivers for success and accept nothing less.

Addresses the behavioral risk factors to create an operational excellence culture: Risk is all around us. You’re constantly endeavoring to get your employees to make better, safer decisions. Yet, even when you do everything in your capacity to prevent incidents from occurring, one momentary lapse in focus is all it takes. SBSS redirects culture by teaching employees how to elevate their awareness and make conscious, deliberate choices when it comes to risk.

Customizable: At SBSS do not believe one size fits all. We believe your training requirements are specific to your needs. As a result, we curtail your training curriculum based on your lessons learned, incident/operational metrics and proactive/predictive indicators.  Also, do you need help in a specific area?  Just can’t get the desired results? We develop and deliver customized training developed through quality management techniques.

No obligation Consultation: Give us a call and we together we can map out how to SBSS can contribute value to your bottom line – at no initial cost.

Our Services:

  • Safety, Health and Environmental Culture Assessment and Alignment
  • Employee Safety Awareness Training
  • Leadership for Safety Training
  • Safety Awareness Reinforcement Process
  • Employee Observation & Review Process
  • Safety and DOT Compliance Services
  • Ongoing Process Consulting and Support

Our Most Popular “Culture Change” Training:

  • Situational Awareness – The Key to Operational Excellence
  • Red Flag – Breaking the Error Chain
  • Engaging Safety Committee’s
  • Creating Successful Safety Conferences
  • Building S.W.A.T (Safety Workforce Action Teams)
  • Back Preservation

In addition, we deliver:

  • Compliance training
  • Train the Trainer – Safety Meeting Presentations
  • Incident investigation and Individual Accountability Systems
  • Customized Training

Documented performances:

  • Recipient National Petroleum Refiners Association (NPRA) Gold Award for 5-year consecutive reduction of injuries by 33%
  • American Gas Association (AGA) Safety Achievement Award reduction in incident rate from >7 to <1.8 in 3 years
  • Managed an operational division incident rate of 0.0 for nine consecutive years for a Fortune 100 company
  • Recipient of Chairman’s Award for Safety Excellence
  • Chairman of Fortune 100 Safety Task Force
  • Chairman of Fortune 100 Annual Safety Conference
  • Contributing editor on Congressional LNG Safety White Paper
  • Member of several LEPC’s
  • Industry Representative – Nations Anti-Terror Advisory Council
  • Facilitated training exercise – Nations Counter Terror Attack Team

Company engagements:

Texaco, Shell, Equilon, Frontier Refining, Dominion Resources, Sunoco Logistics, Safety Alliance of Cushing