Southbridge Advisory Group Inc.

Southbridge procures, investigates, and facilitates capital for franchise opportunities for the franchisee and franchisor. SAG also assists franchise owners with divestiture within desired timelines at the most advantageous market value available.

SAG offers full service franchise advisory services for new and existing franchisors to include:

  • Feasibility Studies Facility build out / Lease back
  • Strategic Management Planning Franchise Funding Facilitation
  • Legal Documents Business / Operation Plans
  • Marketing Programs and Tools Market Research & Analysis

Marketing services include; media plans – videos – lead systems – brochures & ads – International brokerage

Preliminary questions that should be answered are – Why Franchise? What are the advantages of franchising the specific application of focus? How does the franchising process occur, what are the steps, and what are the costs per step?

Franchising should be discussed in detail. It is a best method to rapidly grow service and retail businesses with the least capital risk. It allows a business to avoid typical pitfalls of multi-unit management. Lastly, the time frame of funding, building, developing and opening a new profit center is dramatically reduced.

Further advantages of franchising are:

  • Creates manageable growth
  • Reduces franchisor staff needs
  • Minimizes outside capital needs that can be difficult to obtain and expensive
  • Enhances buying power, quality control, and adds a uniform business system
  • Crates much greater brand recognition and maximizes market value
  • Enhances exit strategy through divestiture

The how and why of franchising can be discussed and determined through a systematic evaluation process that should begin with a comprehensive evaluation and feasibility determination.


Our team offers over 50 years of international franchising experience with hands on operational back ground as well as executive management experience.